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We Build Smart Windows apps !

The windows mobile platform is the latest entrant in the mobile market. It provides the user and app developers yet another choice in the app development ecosystem.

It has therefore fast becoming a popular choice of platform for both enterprise and mass consumer applications. The launch of a fresh energetic Windows 8 OS has galvanized Windows phone application development. Apps catering to all types of requirements are created for users every day. Useful updates at regular intervals ensured the momentum is kept alive.

We, at Cryonet are no exception to Windows phone application development, pioneers as we are in all platforms of mobile app development!

Our apps in the windows platform cater to a variety of uses and each one of them have come a winner in their categories. Our app offerings provide functions as varied as:

  • Providing complete management for hospital and clinical data
  • Accessing audio-visual content (ex: photo sharing) for sharing, like rich messaging
  • Backing all kinds of data in mobile
  • Generating data to gauge workplace productivity or customer satisfaction
  • Locating nearest bank branch(using Location Aware Networking) or facilitate banking in mobile
  • Playing favorite music and/or sharing it
  • Assisting in performing duties of piety

We revel in developing apps for Windows platform and got more up our sleeves. Give us a call today on (02) 8091 2638

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